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Exclusive live video preview - Omnicide Live @ Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg


released August 28, 2015

Written by Archaea, recorded by Archaea. Mixed and mastered by Johan Treptow. Original artwork by Demithréa Mikulasi. Photography by Jessica Blomé.



all rights reserved


Archaea Gothenburg, Sweden

Archaea is a melodic death metal band founded in 2007 by the Heidarsson brothers. Catalyst is our first full length album, that we recorded ourselves. If you want tonally interesting harmonies anchored in solid metal, you've come to the right place.

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Track Name: Omnicide
Seas of fire
Fuelled by acid rain and wind
A billion voices screaming
Hands reaching for indifferent stars

Much too late
Too late to regret, too late to amend
Far too far, too far we have gone
In our war with ourselves

Great wings of death envelop the earth
Display your visage, blot out the sun
Ending a war that cannot be won

All-encompassing terminus of our biosphere

Castles and towers of glass
Fragile and shining
In burning twilight

Shatter the image
Refusing to face
Our glaring reflection
The weakness within

Annihilation of imperfect life
With pure light beyond our grasp
Plunging the world into total darkness



All we've accomplished dissolves into naught
Before the harvest of what we have sown
Under the gaze of a pitiless sun
A terminal breath ends a legacy lost
Track Name: Silhouette
Out of the sun an outline of truth
Darkness draped in brilliant light
Blinded – unable to gaze
Down the chasm of enlightenment

The rays sting my eyes as I turn to the sky
The scornful face of a merciless sun
Unable to slake my thirst for insight
My mind desiccates with ignorance

A perfect image of contradiction
Reflecting in my fading consciousness

Fierce blazing light
Perfect solid dark
My thoughts invert

In the barren wastelands of insanity
My only light is that of the sun
Trapped in darkness, now lead astray
By luminescent lies

What if the world as I know it is false?
What if illusion is the only thing real?

I have sought the line between light and dark
The incision between life and death
I realize that my search is futile
That all and nothing are intertwined

My mind scorched by enlightenment
The sun sets on my dying eyes
A monument to my failure
I disintegrate
Track Name: Vacuum
Hear the roaring silence
Echoing from my inner void

Here I am – Empty of emotion, matter, thought
Soulless hull – Collapsing from within
State of mind – Lacking purpose or direction
Unfeeling rock – Imploding on itself

Is this my destiny?
Being devoured by emptiness
Sucked into vacuum
Where nothing can exist

Synaptic gorge
Failure of perception
The laws of physics are twisted
Into spiral descent

Becoming null

Hammer of gravity crushing my bones
Against the anvil of futile existence
A fate worse than death
Realization of total insignificance

Reaching origo of meaning and life
I am null

Face to face with emptiness
Meeting its eye with pure defiance
Doomed to fail but refuse to the end
To bow down to this existence

To this Vacuum

Shattering the silence with my final breath
Track Name: Cryosphere
No eyes fall on glaciers
Ever held in winter's caress
The ceaseless expanse of Earth
Cased in ice

None remain – nothing stands, still
All we held true now gone
Our constant hunger for more and more
Let another bear the burden
As we burn and forget

Encase in ice – Halt all
Blacken the sun – Pole to pole
Frozen wasteland – Cryosphere extend
The guilty long since dead

The pain of blame
Fuels the combustion chamber
Our bias too great
No perspective or incentive
Fading freedom dreams
The true fossils our minds

Extremes extend as flows cease
Burn and freeze life away
Arid and glacial wastelands collide
A sphere where only ice can prosper

Flee the frozen lands
Where only death holds sway
Regardless of how you shift the blame
We are bound to pay

Sentenced and bleeding
Lifeblood glacial
Deceased and shrouded in snow

Cataclysmic defeat for aeons to reign
No eyes fall on glaciers
No one will witness our end
Track Name: Pyrochrysalis
I come from a distant sphere
From this yet another world
Different from all you’ve seen

I can’t be defined
By your inferior minds
What your eyes see
Isn’t reality

Bred by terror and hatred
Of them I’m defined
Nurtured by a sea of flames
Beneath sulphurous skies

Cradled by death
In a fire cocoon
Carrying the inferno
Bringing your doom

Born of fire
Grown with hate
Meant to be the bane of all
In hellborn flame

Magma flowing veins
Fuel my dark intent
Bring my poison, my pain
My searing death

Rupture the earth
Bringing about the end
Of the world

By purpose of my soul
From pyrochrysalis come to stop
The flow of life

Slow burn
Track Name: Salt
Ta i, alle man!
För vår skuta ut ur hamn
Bogen skär vågor famnar höga
Vi trotsar stormen – ut till havs

Under grå himmel och över grönt hav
Isande vind och bitande kyla
Vi kämpar för att hålla vår båt på rätt köl
Annars havet vi aldrig lämnar

Jag smakar salt i vinden
Genom år har den garvat mitt skinn
Mina händer är grövre än läder
Men saltast är själen min

Havets vrede är en fruktansvärd syn
Men värre är att vara dess byte
Jag slits från däck och kastas överbord
Min grav på sextio famnars djup


Havet det omsluter mig, fängslar var lem
I sitt kalla sköte mig sänker
Och jag bereder mig att dö en fiskares död
Då grova händer mig ur havet lyfter

Jag smakar salt i vinden
Den fyller mina lungor med liv
Mina vänner är här vid min sida
När vi åter mot hamnen styr

Jag har gift mig med havet
Ingen kvinna eller barn väntar på land
Men min familj är här i båten
När tillsammans ut vi far på sjön

På sjön
Till havs
Track Name: Quad Damage
Contenders – arm yourselves
Spectators – come take your seats
Referee – sound your voice
The match has begun – place your bets

In this game that defies reality
Death is not the end
Pile foe on foe, die time and again
Till you win the love and praise of the masses

With the correct application of force
I can crush every single foe
Four times the carnage, four times the fun
Half a minute, I rule the killing field

Quad Damage
Win the sign – win the game
Magnify force – multiply death

The corpse stack grows tenfold
Bodies re-spawn on top of their bones
The sound of battle drowned in the roar
Of exalted viewers eager for blood

For money, women, power and fame
Through slug and shrapnel I rip my way
A private war of greed and vanity
All in the name of entertainment

Quad Damage
The symbol of dreams fulfilled and broken
The dividing line between win and loss

Free for all!

There are only winners and losers
Such are the rules we've made for ourselves
I'm a madman in a mad world
Playing the game as it's been wrought

With the correct application of force
I'll be the top freak of this freak show
Four times the slaughter, four times the fame
Half a minute in blood red stage light

Stop thinking
Justification I do not need
To hell with reason, to hell with all
Honour is dead – there's only war

All I need is another bullet
Another kill, another win
In the darkness of ignorance
Under the sign of triumph so sweet

Quad Damage
The drive of every man made solid
My past, present, future and life

Quad Damage!
Track Name: Sol
The distant light of a new day

Behold the first light on the horizon
A ray of hope in the darkest hour
Now the veil of night is ruptured
Let the tide of daybreak flow

Heavens of east are rekindled again
The last shade of the night swiftly fading away
When the sun rises up, shows its bright smiling face
In a cascade of light a new day has begun

Shine over the earth

Every morning is a friend returning
Each day a gift of heaven's light
Life in every form we know it
Beast and plant – all stem from you

Day after day you will shine over heaven and earth
High above in the sky you are ever enthroned
As a proof of God, or a God of your own
You're the centre, the source
From which all energy is derived

Time draws to a close
For now you're setting
The circle complete
Now enshrouded in eventide

We have no fear because
There is no night that is
Without an end so we
Wait for the first distant light

Of a new day, of a new day!